2019 Toyota Highlander Safety Technology Auburn NY


Toyota has put together one of the most comprehensive and advanced pre-collision and driver assist systems on the market. This technology, which altogether has been named the Toyota Safety Sense™ system, is not only ground-breaking in how all-encompassing it is, it's also making waves as it's officially standard on many new Toyota vehicles such as the new 2019 Toyota Highlander.

Breaking down the offerings of Toyota Safety Sense™ it's easy to see how it can assist in almost every aspect of your daily drive. Its Lane Departure Alerts come in handy from morning rush hour to elementary school pick-up, giving easy-to-follow alerts to show when you may be drifting from lane and offering gentle course-correcting with Steering Assist. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control likewise eases a slightly longer drive by not only maintaining speed, but monitoring and keeping distance from nearby vehicles that are sharing the road. Even the common task of switching between high and low-beams at dusk is made simple with Toyota Safety Sense serving that task with its Automatic High Beams monitoring.

Easing the daily drive is just one way Toyota Safety Sense™ keeps you safe. The system also includes a pre-collision detection suite. In the event that an impending collision is unavoidable the system will apply brakes to lessen the impact and severity of any accident. This also extends to pedestrian detection and even available bicyclist detection technology. Maneuvering an SUV like the 2019 Toyota Highlander has never been easier or safer with Toyota Safety Sense™ reducing blind spots when parking or doing other close-quarters tasks.

Configure and access important information via the in-vehicle infotainment display. On the 2019 Toyota Highlander this takes the form of an Entune™ 8-inch high-resolution touch-screen display to easily see the alerts provided by the system and for crystal-clear viewing of the standard rear camera.

Stop by Fox Toyota to test out the 2019 Highlander model's Toyota Safety Sense™ system for yourself.

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